Clone Club: An Orphan Black Podcast

Help Us Make Perri Nemiroff More Awesome

Orphan Black is going to SDCC 2013 and we want our co-host Perri Nemiroff to moderate the panel.

Perri works full time as a journalist for,,, as well as many others and yet she has never moderated a comic-con panel… is that fair? Nope.

Also, do you want BBC America to get some random journalist who won’t ask any solid questions to moderate the panel? Of course not. You want a fellow fan up on that stage at comic-con.

So here’s what we need you guys to do:

Head to twitter and send this:

Hey @orphanblack and @bbcamerica, I want @pnemiroff  from @cloneclubpod to moderate the panel at SDCC 2013! #OrphanBlack

Feel free to modify that as you wish.

You can also head to any official Facebook page of BBC America or Orphan Black and write the message there too.

Let’s make this happen fellow clones, let’s get Perri a panel to host. I believe in you!

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